Tom Hume

I'm a Product Manager at Google, in the Android team. Before that I worked in the web industry during its early days, and spent 11 years running a software company I co-founded which built mobile apps.

Nowadays I post on Google+ and sometimes Twitter. Some older writing lives on in my weblog, and you'll find software I've open-sourced on github.

From 2011-12 I was a postgraduate at the University of Sussex, where I earned a Master's in Advanced Computer Science. Here's my dissertation, here's a paper based on it, and here's my other coursework. I remain interested in superoptimisation, HCI, and pervasive computing.

I live in San Francisco, though shards of my heart remain in my home town of Brighton. I run and practice Aikido. I have been known to wear a tail.

My email address is twhume at gmail dot com.